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Travelling Down Under

An efficient network of transport options makes travelling to
attractions in Sydney affordable and enjoyable. The Sydney public transport
system consists of trains, buses, ferries and light rail.

Travelling to/from Sydney Airport

Sydney Airport is located just 8km from the Sydney CBD. You can access taxis and rideshare services when you arrive. Driving takes about 25 minutes in light traffic.

Airport Train Link offers a fast and convenient way to reach the city and suburbs, with trains running every 10 minutes, taking just 13 minutes by train from the city.

Travel Assistance

If you would like any assistance in planning your trip just feel free to reach out to us.

We might be able to suggest the easier connection, the smoother stop-over, the best flight times or the most efficient shipping company.

Indeed we are currently working with shipping agents to assist with containers for those individuals keen to bring their own boat – obviously the more boats per country the better!

Anything we can do to make it an easier decision to make the trip, we'd be more than happy to help.